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Join us in cleaning up—and helping keep clean—Lakes Estelle, Formosa and Rowena. The Friends of the Loch Haven Chain of Lakes (FLHCL) is organizing a lake-based, shoreline and streets cleanup with Keep Orlando Beautiful (KOB).

Come join us for our next cleanup

Saturday, November 2, 2024. 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Lake Rowena Park ( 1200 Lakeshore Dr., Orlando )
Lake Formosa Park ( 1801 Alden Rd., Orlando )


You. We are reaching out to the residents on the Chain to pitch in for a few hours. It is fun to meet your ‘lake neighbors’ and get a project done that benefits everyone! Plus, it is a great way for young people to earn Community Service Hours.


There are two check-in locations: one for Lakes Rowena and Estelle and one for Lake Formasa. Equipment and instructions will be available at each location. Both locations are suitable for launching kayaks and paddle boards.
-- For cleanup of Lakes Rowena and Estelle, streets and parkways in the watershed area, and all inlet markings, meet by the lift station at 1200 Lake Shore Dr., Orlando
-- For Lake Formosa cleanup, meet at 1801 Alden Rd., Orlando                         



 KOB will be providing pick-up tongs, gloves, safety vests, trash bags, and other equipment.  Volunteers will be organized into goal-based groups depending on interest. If you are able, please bring shallow-water vessels to help with the water-based effort. Because lakes are low this time of year, jon boats, kayaks, canoes, and even paddleboards are great options.

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