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What We Do



  • Communicate with members through a regular newsletter

  • Spread awareness about healthy lake practices


  • Certified as a 501c3 charitable (non-profit) organization by IRS

  • Have grown to include nearly 400 concerned residents who have opted into our communications including more than 70% of shoreline homeowners

  • Secured $1.35M appropriation in 2024-25 Florida state budget for study of Loch Haven lake basin and ‘downpayment’ on capital required for indicated infrastructure upgrades. St. Johns River Water Management District managing that project; findings expected late 2024/early 2025

  • Successfully advocated for nearly $300K in upgrades by OUC and the City of Orlando to better ‘harden’ lift station (LS#3) at 1792/Lake Shore Drive against future storm events; work completed spring 2022 with NO FAILURE during Hurricane Ian! Upgraded LS#3 design is now the new standard for major lift stations in Orlando

  • Regular shoreline and on-water cleanups held in spring and fall.  Nearly 3000 lb. of trash – well over a TON! - collected from the shorelines and shallows

  • Building strong relationships with policymakers and key staff in Orlando, Winter Park, Orange County and the Florida House and Senate

  • Supported re-activation of Lake Sue MSTU in 2023 (unincorporated Orange County residents)

  • Advocating for cross-jurisdictional, long term lake management and infrastructure upgrade plan for entire Loch Haven Lake basin based on anticipated SJRWMD findings

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Community Involvement

  • Create a database of members and residents

  • Host lake clean-ups

  • Host stormwater inlet labelling events

  • Motivate all businesses and non-profit organizations in Loch Haven to participate and be a part of something big.

  • If you like to be an active member, the lakes sure will need your help. Contact us at

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