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What We Do



  • Communicate with members through a regular newsletter

  • Spread awareness about healthy lake practices


  • Certified as a 501c3 charitable (non-profit) organization by IRS

  • Built our contact list to nearly 300 residents in the various Loch Haven neighborhoods including over 70% of shoreline homeowners

  • Significant upgrades made to Orlando’s Lift Station #3 (at 1792/Lake Shore Drive) made by OUC and City of Orlando due to our advocacy; improvements and new backups held during Hurricane Ian - no failure!

  • Upgraded LS#3 design is now the new standard for major lift stations in Orlando

  • 5 cleanups held to date in spring and fall/ next one is Sat April 29

  • Nearly 2500 pounds of trash - over a TON!  Collected -rom the shorelines and shallows of Lakes Formosa, Rowena, Estelle, Winyah and Sue

  • Established relationships with policymakers and key staff in Orlando, Winter Park, Orange County and
    FL house.

  • Building support  for re-activation of Lake Sue MSTU (Orange County residents only)

  • Advocating for cross-jurisdictional, long term infrastructure upgrade plan for Loch Haven Lake basin including Lake Sue


Community Involvement

  • Create database of members and residents

  • Host lake clean-ups

  • Host stormwater inlet labeling events

  • Approach several Loch Haven businesses and non-profits for their participation

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